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I am Adrian Talbot, longstanding Design Director at creative studio Intro. I’m also a type designer selling my wares at Talbot Type; and a photographer, showing my images at Talbot Gallery. T3 is where I post updates of my attempts to stay afloat creatively
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What on earth’s an LMX Seminar?
12 October 1990

An early Intro effort, this is an invitation to a seminar for LMX enthusiasts, I think it was a piece of software.

This is old, so my memories are a bit shaky. I designed an identity for a company called Information Systems Group, they made software of some kind, for something or other.

It was all quite sober, but I went a bit nuts on these designs for invitations to seminars on subjects I didn’t quite grasp. I have a vague recollection of being told I didn’t need to understand what LMX or OSI were, I just needed to make the invitations look errr — inviting; but it’s possible I’m seeking an explanation for my exuberant designs.

I’d recently got a Mac, and I was evidently determined to use it; look at all of those boxes and shapes and lines, these are real period pieces.